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       Shenzhen power technology co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of light emitting diode (LED) packaging enterprises, the company since its inception in 2007 in dongguan, began to into the research and development and production, products are widely used in advertising light source, the mouse lights, traffic lights, etc., this paragraph of time the company has been trying to find the market opportunity, actively explore the market.
       In 2010, we moved to the innovative and dynamic shenzhen city. The company further developed the market, always with the tenet of "quality first", and provided reliable products series to successful enterprises.
       In 2011 the company began to produce patches, technology innovation has been further improved, the product application scope gradually extended to the indoor lighting, specific article lamp, lamp tape, plant lamp, panel lamp, desk lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. Outdoor lighting, lighting, mining lamp, street lamp, etc.
       In 2016, after accumulating abundant experience, the company continued to expand the COB production line. Currently, the COB app is featured with headlights and fresh light series. In the future, we will start to carry out the brand operation period, and then the brand upgrade period, implement the institutionalized operation period and standardize the production.
       The company now has nearly 3000 square meters of super clean and anti-static workshop, and adopts the international advanced complete set of solid crystal, KS welding line, sealant, color separation and other automatic equipment; The r&d and manufacturing team has more than 10 years of experience in LED industry, and developed excellent LED design and production skills. With its professional full color LED packaging enterprise's mission and competitive price, LED products with perfect balance of performance and price are brought to all corners.

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