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Weifangcheng Technology focuses on the field of LED lighting and the market is spread throughout the world. In the LED lighting application market, we wholeheartedly provide customers

“Product R&D → Solution Design → Product Manufacturing → Engineering Installation → Technical Aftermarket” is a complete lighting system application solution.

Weifangcheng Technology will provide customers with the charm of light through the four product chains of light source products, optical lenses, indoor lighting, and outdoor special lighting, and provide personal services to enable customers to reflect the value of light.

Weifangcheng Technology provides a 7×24-hour hotline service, providing support for pre-sale consultation, post-sale complaint handling and other serial service work.

Weifangcheng Technology always adheres to the needs of customers first and customer satisfaction first. It has established a customer service support system that can effectively guarantee the sustainable development of the company.

In order to achieve the harmonious development of customers and companies, the goal of co-prosperity and win-win.

After-sale Warranty

  • Pre-sale Service

    According to the customer's requirements, the two parties jointly drafted an implementation plan, fully considered the user's requirements in terms of system function and quality, drafted specific designs, solutions, and provided engineers with technical advice.

  • Sales Service

    Before the product is installed and used, cooperate with the customer to send personnel to the company's production base to understand the situation and check the product quality. After the acceptance system of the purchaser is qualified and delivered for use, the design and construction of the system are strictly implemented according to the requirements of the contract and the relevant national departments.

  • Service

    Provide product and accessories maintenance from the date of product installation acceptance, and provide good technical support and preferential supply of spare parts.

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