Not Only Standardization

Better at personalization program customization

From product design, manufacturing, to installation, commissioning, and after-sales service, the entire process serves customers.

With systematic design and modular supply capability, it has full service capabilities from design to verification, from process to structure, and then to product manufacturing.

As a leader in the LED technology revolution, we create lighting products that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost savings.

The professional skills possessed by Weifangcheng Technology will fully satisfy your individual needs and provide you with quality products and overall solutions.

LED light source program

The rich variety of LED light sources is the core product of Weifangcheng Technology.

Weifangcheng Technology has a strong technical research and development team, is committed to innovation, overcome many technical problems in the industry, each LED light source has undergone rigorous testing, professional build high-quality LED light source products.

It also provides customers with practical and customized LED light source solutions to meet the individual needs of customers and ensure the creation of value for customers.

Customize your product solution

Design your exclusive LED lighting

If you do not have a suitable product, tailor your LED light source and lamp product solutions to your business, organization and goals.

The Weifangcheng Technology Technology team will work with you to determine the specific product features, appearance, energy consumption, etc. that you need.

Then help you design a product solution that meets these needs—whether it is now or in the future, it can meet your needs based on your business evolution and changes.

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